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Now Is The Time To Get Your Newsracks Refurbished.

Add Years To Their Life and Save $$$ Too!!

Have them looking bright and clean, ready to ‘show your colors’ and sell newspapers.

This is what we do for your newspaper racks:

  • Completely Disassemble All Components
  • Straighten All Dented And Bent Metal Parts
  • Sand And/Or Sand Blast All Painted SurfacesTo Remove Rust And Oxidized Paint
  • Spray Wash And Iron Phosphate All Metal Parts
  • Coat All Metal Surfaces With TGIC Polyester Powder Coat
  • Re-Assemble Newsrack With New Hardware, Window Plastics, Paper Holder, Faceplate (extra charge for custom faceplate), and New ‘Pull’ Decal
  • Package For Shipment

Note: The above procedures assume all components are refurbishable. All replaced parts will be added to base refurbishing price.

Silkscreen charges will be extra. You may have your screens shipped to us and returned with your refurbished racks.

Vinyls can also be done, and we will gladly quote you a price after seeing your artwork.

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