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25 Ideas to improve your newspaper
  1. Sell rack card spaces to advertisers.
  2. Sell poly bag spaces to advertisers.
  3. Look for alternative delivery products.
  4. Get coupons from advertisers. Give away to renewals.
  5. Call manufacturers for FREE SAMPLES as “ADD-ONS” to daily newspaper.
  6. Build on your N.I.E. program.
  7. Develop and use SAME logo on ALL in-house ads, T-shirts, Signage & ALL Promotional Material.
  8. Be involved in as many community activities as you can.
  9. Use or Start a Local Welcome Wagon.
  10. Analyze newspaper strengths and weaknesses.
  11. Analyze your department strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Buy copies of competitor paper and analyze for strengths and weaknesses.
  13. Develop a Mission Statement for your department.
  14. Write department goals on chaulk board for ALL to see . . . . . update weekly.
  15. Set up recycling bins for newspapers where traffic is highest.
  16. Involve everyone in Strategy planning at least once a year.
  17. Compliment your staff at least once a week.
  18. Have a department awards banquet once a year.
  19. Have a Master Calendar (Yearly) for ALL Sales & Promotion events. Post for all to see & keep updated.
  20. Start a “Partners In Education” Program. Get wide variety of businesses to sponsor N.I.E. papers. Thank them publicly in sponsor ads.
  21. Target one day per month as “Zero Complaint Day”. Treat carriers in winning district to a pizza party.
  22. Set up a recycling trailer for newspapers. Find an organization that will buy the newspapers. Advertise it. Donate excess money to local charities and civic groups.
  23. Run a subscription offer on the back of cash register receipts.
  24. Run a SUNDAY ONLY conversion ad in the TV book. It is the one part of the newspaper that remains in the home all week.
  25. Build a customer Birthday data base.
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